Welcome to our Quantum and Photonic Engineering Group!

Our research focuses on the characterization and development of quantum systems for sensing and metrology applications. Quantum sensing uses the interactions between discrete electronic energy levels of quantum systems (in atoms, ions, or atomic-scale defects in solids) and their environment to precisely and sensitively measure physical quantities. This field has already yielded a transformative technology in the atomic clock, and continues to be a promising avenue for next-generation precision navigation instruments, time and frequency standards, and sensitive probes for macroscopic as well as nanoscopic changes in electromagnetic fields and temperature.

Preparation and measurement of quantum systems critically depend on their interactions with photons, and thus we are interested in applying techniques in nanoscale optics and photonics to enable better understanding and control of quantum properties, and improve device performance and utility. The scope of our work includes experimental atomic physics and optics, nanophotonic device design, multiphysics modeling, materials science, and nanofabrication.

We welcome inquiries for research opportunities at all other levels (post-doctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and visiting scholars). If interested, please contact Jennifer Choy at jennifer.choy@wisc.edu.